La'Shon Handcrafted

Pu$$y Fairy Soap Balance pH + Stops itching

(Designs and colors vary)
Unscented all natural antibacterial soap helps prevent all bacteria and infections including BV, yeast infection and bad odors. Pu$$y Fairy will provide
freshness and help with vagina ph balance.

Spearmint oil helps to kill yeast and odor not to mention that tingling feeling that we all love.

XL (7-8oz)

All the things you want, nothing you don't:

β€’ All natural
β€’ No animal testing
β€’ Paraben free
β€’ pH balanced

Rose Water, ACV, Tea Tree Extract, Vitamin E Oil, Spearmint.

Please remember to allow your soap to dry between uses to ensure maximum longevity. It is best stored out of water on a soap dish that raises the bar so that air can circulate around the entire bar. DO NOT store your soap where it will continually get wet.